An Online Fitness Training Program

An online fitness program that gives you the confidence to live an active life. 


Improve your strength.
Have more energy.
minimize nagging pain.

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We make it easy for you to exercise, even if you have a busy schedule.



Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Schedule your workout like you would any other commitment. Nearly every workout is completed in 30 minutes or less. 



New workouts are added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You'll never get bored because each workout is different.


LIVE An active life

Have the confidence to know that if your child asks you to play, or your friend asks you to go for a quick run, you can do it.


Being fit isn’t about how you look or how much muscle you build.

It’s hard to escape it. Magazine covers, product packaging, television commercials — all selling the illusion that a perfect body is a fit body. Images of "amazing six-pack abs" and "perfect bodies.” Photos of people lifting ridiculously heavy weights.

Here’s the truth that no one else will tell you: to be fit, you don't have to exhaust yourself or spend hours exercising every day. And more importantly, it isn’t sustainable.

Being fit is so much more than how you look.

What if I told you fitness could actually improve your quality of life? Instead of crashing on the sofa at the end of a long day, imagine having the energy to be present with your family — making memories, laughing, connecting. Instead of feeling limited by your body, what if you had the confidence to say, “Yes, I can do this!”

MyNetTrainer exists to help you get fit enough to experience joy and make memories with the ones you love. 


They did it. So can you.


Monica + Bernie

The hard-working parents who faced the biggest fight of their lives.



The 49-year-old mother who runs with her teenage son.